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July 7, 2023

Texas darkwave band, In A Darkened Room has just unveiled their latest video for the song, “Hollow”.  This is the seventh music video from In a Darkened Room off their eight song debut album, Sorrows.

The video conveys the story visually with muted blacks and greys with a bluish halo.  The dead branches signifying decay and contortion of time.  The fallen leaves revealing the beauty and memories of yesterday while the sun faintly peaks through the trees beyond the canopy, signifying a ray of hope and light in the face of darkness. The song writing and video is a cathartic and emotional release, as are the others featured on their debut album Sorrows The hope is that others find a sense of peace and solace in the music and imagery.

“Hollow” describes the emptiness one experiences with grief – something only time will heal.  The lyrics speak to the despair and loathing following a sequence of emotionally draining life events.  Sometimes life can hit you like a freight train, leaving you feeling confused, lost, and numb.

“Hollow” is set to a slow, sultry bass pulsing rhythm that opens into a distant melody, conjuring thoughts of a misty, grey morning.  The video fades into members, Kandi Hardee (Keys,) Svia Svenlava (Bass,)  and CJ Duron (Vocals) staring into the horizon among a web of outstretched dead limbs from a nearby historic oak.

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