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Where It All Began For Me In The Industrial/Electro Arena

I’ve done PR/publicity for bands in the goth/industrial and related genres for a living for a few years now.  But there’s a bit of a funny story about how my interest in industrial music began…… I had grown up listening to predominantly metal (glam rock, hard rock, death/thrash metal) & new wave bands like A […]

ERIC OBERTO Wins Best Music Video At The Austin After Dark Film Festival

We are extremely proud to announce that ERIC OBERTO has WON the award for- BEST MUSIC VIDEO at the AUSTIN AFTER DARK FILM FESTIVAL! Watch the award-wining music video for- “DARKNESS NEVER LIES” here: Check out his Instagram Live interview with the festival founder of Austin After Dark- MIKEL FAIR: The official awards presentation […]

Neonpocalypse & The Neuro Farm Reviews On SideLine!

SideLine was kind enough to release reviews on the new Neonpocalypse and Neuro Farm EPs.  Please check it out below!   Neuro Farm The Neuro Farm – Vampyre (Album – The Neuro Farm) Neonpocalypse Neonpocalypse – ISH (EP – Swiss Dark Nights) #goth #darkwave #gothic #gothmusic #electronicmusic

CATHEDRAL IN FLAMES Reaches Number 7 On The German DAC Charts!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to French darkwave act, CATHEDRAL IN FLAMES for reaching number 7 on the DAC (Deutch Alternative Charts). You can check out their latest single/video, “The Weeping Song” (Nick Cave cover) HERE: For More Information:

Lia Hide interview on Onyx Music Reviews (Australia)

Greek “avant pop” singer Lia Hide recently had an interview with Australia’s Onyx Music Reviews.  Check it out!  She’s a classically-trained singer and truly unique artist who mixes electronic, darkwave and elements of goth music. Interview below… Come be our guest with Lia Hide – Interview For more information:  

DJs Interested In Free Promos?

Are you a goth, industrial, ebm, darkwave, electro, synthpop, deathrock DJ?  Want free digital promos delivered to your email?
We would love to add you to our DJ pool!  Please email with the following information:

DJ Name, Real Name, FB Link, Country and email address. Also your format…  i.e.  club, twitch, mixcloud etc.
The DJ Name, email and country are the most important if you are not comfortable providing your real name.

We look forward to having you a part of the team!!

William Z

Welcome to Moon Coil Media (Formerly New Dark Ages PR)

Welcome Everybody. Today starts a new era as New Dark Ages PR has all but died.  Moon Coil Media is born today  Still the same obsession of doing good PR work for my clients..  But we’re expanding into artist management and eventually, a label and then some. This new site was designed by the talented […]

MoonCoil Media

When my son was very young (maybe 2-3 years old), he and I would go to the front porch of our old home and look up at the moon. When I lifted him up, he’d stick his arm out while looking at the moon and he’s day, “I can’t reach it. I can’t reach it.”
So, the moon in our name refers to the idea of reaching for things that seem unreachable; the moon for example. There might be challenges but through challenges, we learn progress.

My grandfather, many years ago, owned a business. Back then people would use heating oil to heat their homes. Carl was his name. (C) oil = Coil. Word has It that his business model was very simple; it was based on treating people fairly – both customers and employees alike. He was a servant leader; someone who led by example.

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