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Featured Interview: Derision Cult @

Recently one of our bands, Derision Cult was interviewed by  They talked about the new release, Mercenary Notes Pt. 1, upcoming plans and tattoos!  Check it out below! Click here for the interview on…. For more information:

Featured Review: Raven Said @ Onyx Music Reviews

Darkwave/goth rock band, Raven Said was recently featured on Onyx Music Reviews for their new EP, ‘Chants To Dissolve’.  You can read the review below but we’d appreciate you going to their site and checking out their content. – direct link to the review In the City of Ekaterinburg, you will find gothic rockers, Raven […]

Featured Review: The Bleak Assembly @ SMORG Magazine

SMORG Magazine was kind enough to feature The Bleak Assembly and a review of their EP, We Become Strangers. Here’s a screenshot of the article but we’d be grateful if you went to the site.  They have a lot of great content – music reviews and such.  Check Smorg Magazine HERE: To grab the […]

Terra Relicta ‘Cover Song’ Compilation Submissions

Terra Relicta ‘Cover Son’ Compilation Submissions Dear bands/musicians, Here we go (hopefully, you too, or we go in vain) with another Terra Relicta compilation – the second one this year, as in custom for Terra Relicta to release two per year (in the summer and winter solstice). We decided to go with cover songs this time, and, as far as […]

Dual Analog “Lust, Worship & Desire” Video Premiere @!!

Seattle’s Turbowave band, Dual Analog recently premiered their new video for “Lust, Worship & Desire”.  Check it out below! Seattle Turbowave Project Dual Analog Debuts Video for “Lust, Worship, and Desire”   Check out the video HERE: For more information about Dual Analog:  

Featured Review: Lisa Hammer – ‘Dakini’ Reissue (world music/dark ambient/esoteric)

Lisa Hammer‘s ‘Dakini’ Re-Released album was recently given a very thoughtful review on Aural Aggravation.  We’d appreciate if you went directly to their site via the link below.  However, here’s the text as well. Dakini, the debut album by Lisa Hammer (Requiem In White, Mors Syphilitica) was originally released back in 2009. It’s been […]

Featured Review: AL1CE – “Time” Single & Video @

Onyx Music Reviews in Australia was kind enough to feature and do a short review for the new AL1CE single & video, “Time”. Check out the link HERE: Did AL1CE meet the White Rabbit, with his pocket watch, muttering about ‘Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!‘, for their latest single is about “Time“. Tash Cox (lead vocals), Sasha Travis (vocals, slapper ), Gordon […]

Featured Review: Biomechanimal – “From The Mouths Of Beasts” @ Dubstrapin Bass

Dubstrapin Bass, a blog that focuses on Dubstep, Trap, Bass, House, EDM, Electro, Dnb, Hip-hop and techno music, had some amazing things to say about the new industrial rock single from Biomechanimal, “From The Mouths Of Beasts”. Please go visit their site here: DIVE INTO BIOMECHANIMAL NEWEST MENACING SINGLE “FROM THE MOUTHS OF BEASTS” […]

Featured Review: Curse Mackey – ‘Immoral Emporium’ @ Side-Line

Side-Line Magazine was kind enough to write a pretty good review of Curse Mackey’s new industrial music masterpiece, ‘Immoral Emporium’.  Please check the link below!  Be sure to follow them on social media.  They put out a lot of great content. Get ‘Immoral Emporium’ HERE:

Exclusive Premiere: CURSE MACKEY’s Surrealistic Video for New Single “Smoking Tongues” On OUTBURN

WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE OF NEW VIDEO FOR “SMOKING TONGUES” FROM CURSE MACKEY ONLY ON OUTBURN.COM Premiere industrial act Curse Mackey (Pigface, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Evil Mothers) has just shared a video for “Smoking Tongues.”   Check out the exclusive premiere HERE:   Get Curse’s new release, ‘Immoral Emporium’ on Bandcamp: “Smoking […]

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