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September 8, 2023

Antania (epitaph or the goddess Hecate, meaning enemy of mankind) is a black, doom bass project from Joshua Tree CA that consists of Producer Dr Luna and Army vet and vocalist Kali Mortem (featured in the book “Daughters of Darkness”). Antania creates black and doom metal out of bass music.

Antania creates a completely original sound by wrapping distortion around saw and sub bass, they don’t sample or use any stringed instruments and Dr Luna creates bass lines with a microbrute and is sponsored by KAT Percussion.

“The God Complex” is a ‘Black Bass Metal’ track about Charles Manson which even has the Manson girls chanting a Buddhist mantra in it. Antania is not pro-Manson yet wanted to recreate that era with bass metal. This track is unreleased and as of now the only way to hear this track is on YouTube. Details about “The God Complex” release should be coming soon and look for an early 2024 release.

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