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July 25, 2022

Chaos Control was kind enough to do an interview with The Royal Ritual recently.  Check out the link below. And be sure to check out The Royal Ritual’s debut full-length release, Martyrs.

Interview with David Lawrie of The Royal Ritual

The Royal Ritual’s latest album, Martyrs is available now!


THE ROYAL RITUAL is the brainchild of renowned producer/sound designer, David Lawrie. “Pews In A Pandemic,” contains rich soundscapes as well as foley elements that combine to replace the function of typical elements. For example, instead of a snare drum, Lawrie uses an intriguing blend of gunshots mixed with steel barrels and hydrophonic recordings.

Many synthetic elements of the song were actually crafted from sampling recorded elements and manipulating them into synthetic instruments. This “meta” approach lends itself to the B-Side of the “Pews…” single – a cover of Phildel’s “Glide Dog” – where the original song was analyzed by a wavetable synthesizer and used as an element throughout The Royal Ritual’s version – a vast departure from the sparseness of Phildel’s original arrangement, into a much heavier, industrial affair.

The single is available in digital format as well as in a limited, engraved wooden USB which contains additional material.

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