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Christian Death Interview – Random Goth Couple

Valor of Christian Death was recently interviewed by Random Goth Couple during their stop in Ireland.  Check it out below and be sure to subscribe to Random Goth Couple’s Youtube channel! Christian Death

Dave Cromwell Writes’ ‘Best Of 2022’ Feature – Includes Christian Death

Dear Friends, One of our favorite writers, Dave Cromwell from New York has a blog, Dave Cromwell Writes where he does some of the more well thought out content on music around.  Please check out the link below to read Dave’s piece. Follow Dave on Facebook  

Christian Death Appears On Digital Tour Bus/Bus Invaders!

Many of you might be familiar with the Youtube channel, Digital Tour Bus.  There’s a sub-channel (or playlist..  whatever you want to call it) called Bus Invaders where bands essentially give brief tours of the vehicles that they occupy on tour… some are huge tour busses and some are vans with trailers and everything in […]

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