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More About Me


Artists (Musical): Motley Crue, Supreme Court, Christian Death,…  too many others to mention

Artists (Visual): Heironymous Bosch, Kasimir Malevich

Album: ‘Shout At The Devil’ by Motley Crue Runners up: “‘Killers” by Iron Maiden, ‘Cool From the Wire” by Dirty Looks, ‘Last Decade Dead
Century’ by Warrior Soul, ‘Left Hand Path’ by Entombed… many, many others
Painting: “Garden Of Earthly Delights” by Heironymous Bosch
Food: Pepperoni pizza, tacos, toasted ravioli & Mt. Dew Typhoon or Diet Whatever
Movies: Dead Poet’s Society, One Hour Photo, Dracula (Bela Lugosi), Trick Or Treat, Office Space
Words: subversive, columnar, colonnades, clandestine
Concerts: Prince, Motley Crue, Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond


“Pessimists see difficulty in every opportunity.  Optimists see opportunity in every difficulty” – W. Churchill


Words: “stoked”, “purchase” and “meal”

Songs: “Santeria” by Sublime, “Kokomo” by Beach Boys

Traits: arrogance, selfishness, people when they smack with their mouths while eating


Faith: Baha’i

Aversions & Fears: teratomas, heights, small clusters of bumps/holes (as in diseases and other stuff – Trypophobia)

Sayings: “Failure doesn’t exist.  It’s all a cyclical learning experience”, “In order to think outside the box, you need one person each with a different perspective on each side”

Tattoos: Winston Churchill (right shoulder), angel (right shoulder blade), my son’s name, dob and baby feet (top of my spine), thorns (each ankle)

Family: Mrs. Z (18 years), 3 step sons, 1 son, a dog named Dita and bearded dragon named Draco

Rituals: I have to take Ginger Snap cookies on road trips..  a tradition started I think by my grandpa.



Bachelor’s – Art History
Bachelor’s – Health Information Admin
Master’s – Strategic Leadership