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Below is a listing of tasks or responsibilities we are seeking help with.  Most are on an “as needed” sporadic basis so these are good for someone who is simply seeking for an extra few dollars now and again.

Contact: if interested.  Please DO NOT DM me on Facebook.  I will just refer you to email.

Outlet Tracker

Responsibilities: Research and document what outlets are posting news of the following recently-announced tours – Ministry/Gary Numan/Front Line Assembly, Also Skinny Puppy and The Sisters Of Mercy.

You will be linked to my spreadsheet and note which outlets are covering each of the tours and if possible, the name of the individual who posted the news. If that is not available, you will either post the general email of the outlet or the Contact Form link.

Duration: Two Hours OR you can do more to get primary consideration for future opportunities.  But you will be paid for two hours.

Requirements: Working familiarity with the goth/industrial/darkwave communities

Pay: $20 / each hour


Quality Assurance

Responsibilities: Assemble/Format data from Excel spreadsheets into specific columns, Locate outlet demographic and contact information from websites and social media pages & documenting on the spreadsheet

Duration: Maximum of Two Hours OR you can do more to get primary consideration for future opportunities. But you will be paid for two hours

Requirements:  be a music fan, good with data searches, have a working familiarity with MS Excel

Pay: $20 / each hour for two hours


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