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June 12, 2024


June 11th 2024 – Seattle-based “turbowave” pioneers, DUAL ANALOG are set to make waves with their latest single & video, “Reborn.”

“Reborn” is a visceral journey through the dark corridors of human emotion and the haunting echoes of regret. As the band reflects on their struggles following their debut album’s release, “Reborn” emerges as a poignant anthem for anyone who has faced adversity and felt trapped in a cycle of obscurity.

With “Reborn,” DUAL ANALOG steps into the visual realm of a story-driven narrative for the first time, signaling a new chapter in their artistic evolution.  The accompanying music video, directed by Skye Warden (Nuda, DK-Zero, Abney Park) adds a visual dimension to this gripping tale of self-inflicted torment and redemption. This collaboration adds depth and dimension to their music, offering fans a multi-sensory experience that transcends traditional boundaries. Through a mix of their own haunting melodies, existential lyricism, and nihilistic outlook, DUAL ANALOG paints a vivid, yet inspiring portrait of a man consumed by his own ambition unlocking his true potential at the expense of his family.

“Reborn” is available on all major digital outlets including Bandcamp and Spotify.

Stream “Reborn” on Spotify HERE:

Stream “Reborn on Youtube HERE:

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