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June 10, 2024



June 10th, 2024 – Darkwave band, DICHRO has just unveiled their latest single & video, “Mercy” from the forthcoming full-length album due out in August via Distortion Productions. The song carries a message that we should have mercy not just in our every day encounters, but free one another from judgement for choosing how to believe, if we believe, and what we believe. If we can start seeing one another with empathic eyes and hearts, perhaps we can rid our global atmosphere of so much fear and uncertainty. “Mercy” is an outreach piece.

Says vocalist, Charmaine Freemonk: “We are reaching out to ask that everyone calm down a bit, take a breath, and be more conscientious of our actions. It is a heartfelt plea that we consider whether we are helping or harming one another, practice empathy, and if we cannot help, to at least not harm.”

Check out the video for “Mercy” HERE:

The video for the single was created to accompany the song’s story. It focuses on the breaking free of indoctrination, a Kansas-to-Oz kind of transition into the light of spiritual freedom and exploration.

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