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July 7, 2022

Many of you might be familiar with the Youtube channel, Digital Tour Bus.  There’s a sub-channel (or playlist..  whatever you want to call it) called Bus Invaders where bands essentially give brief tours of the vehicles that they occupy on tour… some are huge tour busses and some are vans with trailers and everything in between.

Anyway, our friends in Christian Death were featured on this episode so check out their tour ride!

I had the pleasure of being on the road with them for the final six days of the ‘Evil Becomes Rule’ tour – the one this episode was filmed during. What an adventure if even for a short time!  I’ve been working with Christian Death for a few years now as their dedicated PR/Publicity Manager.  But in this capacity, I handled merch and some roadie duties; everything from loading in to cleaning up water on the stage so Valor and Maitri don’t slip. Anyway, ENJOY!

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