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March 29, 2023

We are EXTREMELY happy to announce that MCM will be a direct sponsor for the Dark Castle Festival happening in Louisville, Kentucky on July 28 and 29.  We’ve worked with four of the bands that are playing there: The Neuro Farm, In A Darkened Room, The Palace Of Tears and Astari Nite! There are some amazing bands in the darkwave/goth rock/ electro styles and then some…  To see the complete lineup, check out:

FB Event Page:

Astari Nite
Astari Nite – Miami, FL


In A Darkened Room
In A Darkened Room – San Antonio, TX


The Neuro Farm
The Neuro Farm – Washington, DC


The Palace Of Tears
The Palace Of Tears – New Orleans,  LA

Hope to see you all there!

March 27, 2023

Dear Friends, Artists, Visitors…

It’s been an amazing few months since our company adopted a new name and vision.  We’ve gone from strictly PR to Artist Management.

NOW it’s time to take the company to the next level.  We’re starting a label and a store! Our goal as a label is to help artists we want to work with when they don’t have time to do what labels do.  We’ll be announcing our new signings shortly.  Anyway… There are a number of things that we need to get to the next stage.  So we started an indiegogo campaign.

I’m absolutely overwhelmed at the remarkable results so far after only a few days.  We’ve doubled our original goal! We’re offering a number of PR opportunities including discounted campaigns, DJ drops and more.  There are also nominal donation levels if you just want to be a part of our growth and have our eternal gratitude!  There is a mystery CD option and a sticker lot as well.  Do check it out!

So far we should be able to afford the following: new desk and chair, printer, thermal label printer, physical album copies for two of our upcoming artists, a new dry erase board, laptop cooling pad, mailing items for packages and a few other things.

What we’d like to do now should the campaign experience some more growth is establish a fund – a “grant” of sorts.  This will be used to hire help during our expansion.  We’d like to get someone to handle community outreach and interview DJs and media outlets in effort to give back to the community and help each other out. We’d also like to hire someone to do general office “busy work” like spreadsheet optimization and Spotify playlist curator search.

We’re incredibly grateful for the overwhelming response to our crowdfunding campaign.  We thank you for being on this journey and look forward to the next stage!!


William Z

March 24, 2023

Melodic Machinations wrote the first review for The Funeral March‘s new ep, ‘Persephone’.  The review is below but we DO encourage you to check out their site and all the other content they have to offer.  Thanks!! (review link)

Dark Alternative group The Funeral March have released a new EP called Persephone, taking inspiration from the Greek Queen of the Underworld. The EP explores such provocative themes as hope and loss, dreams, desperation and despair.

The track “Figured“ begins with a captivating and wild insistent beat and a maniacal thrum.  The purposefully  unsettling and moody lyrics are delivered with reverberating  vocals that seem to echo from the depths of a tumultuous and dark void.   “Nite Nite“ is heralded by capricious riffs within a lurching soundscape that is alluringly disorientating while the lyrics and vocals are beckoning and beseeching.  With a heavy and dissonant guitar “Two As One“ entices the listener into a hypnotic and dizzying soundscape coaxed by mesmerizing vocals.  “Kiss Me“ is an intoxicating track with lyrics that add to the feeling of taking a dreamlike plunge into grim yet  seductive depths.  The music and vocals are purposefully awry and off kilter adding to the surreal dark feel of the track.  With a sinister and portent beginning “Wasted Moon“ incites a feeling of unease.  The heavy guitars and resonant vocals on the track inspire a sense of dazed foreboding.

The EP, which was mixed and mastered by Adam Stilson (Panic Priest), with cover art created by Greg Rolfes (eleven12 Designs) features exceptional tracks which will appeal to anyone interested in exploring the darker side of alternative music.


Facebook :

BandCamp :

William Zimmerman

Founder and CEO of MoonCoil Media

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