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April 19, 2022

Welcome Everybody.

Today starts a new era as New Dark Ages PR has all but died.  Moon Coil Media is born today  Still the same obsession of doing good PR work for my clients..  But we’re expanding into artist management and eventually, a label and then some.

This new site was designed by the talented Alia Synesthesia

I invite you to check out the meaning behind the name in the Our Story section.

We have some loose ends to tie up with NDA PR..  follow-ups with outlets and what not.  But promos should start going out from MCM later this week or early next week.  Thanks for being on this new journey with us!!

William Z

March 5, 2022

When my son was very young (maybe 2-3 years old), he and I would go to the front porch of our old home and look up at the moon. When I lifted him up, he’d stick his arm out while looking at the moon and he’s day, “I can’t reach it. I can’t reach it.”
So, the moon in our name refers to the idea of reaching for things that seem unreachable; the moon for example. There might be challenges but through challenges, we learn progress.

My grandfather, many years ago, owned a business. Back then people would use heating oil to heat their homes. Carl was his name. (C) oil = Coil. Word has It that his business model was very simple; it was based on treating people fairly – both customers and employees alike. He was a servant leader; someone who led by example.

That’s how I operate Moon Coil Media. We FIRMLY believe in treating our clients the same way we, as people would want to be treated – respectfully and fairly. We take very seriously that people work hard and believe in us enough to invest their time and money.

We are very active in non-profit/charity work. Some of our favorite causes are:
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
The Trevor Project 
National Organization For Rare Disorders 
Association For Pet Loss & Bereavement 

William Zimmerman

Founder and CEO of MoonCoil Media

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