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Videos Of The Week – Sirens Of Light

DJs and Media Friends,

We just sent the new Sirens Of Light promo out..  They are a somewhat hidden gem from the UK.  We hope you enjoy what you hear.  Here are their three videos of the songs that have already been released. We sent them out so you’ll be familiar with the album when it drops in the next couple of months.  Enjoy!

Concerning the Active Roster and Alumni sections…..

Dear Friends, clients present, past and potential…

It’s been brought up in regard to the lists of current clients and the alumni list….. why some aren’t on certain lists.  So let me explain.  The Active list are most of, if not all of, the clients who either currently I’m working with or have ongoing projects with.  The alumni artists are those who I don’t currently have projects with.

Obviously with over 120 clients I can’t put everyone up there so I’m going to try and do my best to weave in and out the active with the alumni and putting the new ones on there.  So I hope that clears things up.  It’s not that I’m trying to ignore anyone because I appreciate ALL of my clients past and present. It’s just not possible to put each and everyone up there.


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